Ringling Protests Recap

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to protest against using animals for entertainment.  An average of 7.5 protestors came to each of 6 shows, 45 presences in all.  We had a range of October weather, from pleasant high 60’s to chilly 40’s, and of course we couldn’t escape without a little rain.  But no downpour like last year!  Thank you to Mary and Martha for making signs for others, and many thanks to Carol H for attending every one of the six protests and bringing the signs with her.

Thank you to John Mark for reluctantly accepting a free ticket to go in and see what was happening and reporting back.  He said there were approximately 8 dogs, 5 camels, 2 horses, and 10 tigers, with animal acts comprising about 10-15% of the show.  He said he felt particularly sorry for the tigers, who looked especially unhappy and afraid.  Varun looked around the back of the venue and said he saw many more animals than that, but probably they don’t all perform every show.