Vigil for Turkeys

beatrice-at-woodstock-2November is coming, a month when I feel particularly out-of-alignment with the culture around me.  People everywhere are planning excitedly for Thanksgiving, at the center of which is… well,  a dead bird.  Forty-five million turkeys will suffer and die for this one day alone.  This holiday, as most people celebrate it, is a tragedy.  This time of year makes me very sad, and the fact that this sorrow is not shared by most people I know makes it lonely, too.

Some of us would like to share and express these feelings together at a Vigil for Turkeys, in remembrance for those who have died.  This would be a truly silent demonstration, a powerful expression.  Here is a recap of last year’s.

All are welcome.  Please join us Saturday, November 19th from noon to 1:30 at the southeast corner of Wegmans on East Avenue.

Rain or shine, check our website in case of dangerous weather.  Dress for the weather, umbrellas are fine.  Please don’t wear animals (fur, leather, feathers, etc) – people notice and comment.  Please no pets.

Please, there will be no chatting during this event.  There will be a separate Stand Up for Turkeys event at which socializing is encouraged.

Grief is an act of protest that declares our refusal to live numb and small.
– Francis Weller