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Tunnel Vision

by Linda Brink

An activist friend recently put a question out there, which is this: what inspired so many people to become outraged over Cecil the lion’s death, when daily, countless other innocents are routinely abused and destroyed without causing anywhere near the same reactive ire?

Memorial Day Peace Parade

ARAUNY participated for the first time in Metro Justice’s Peace Parade, which follows the traditional Memorial Day parade in downtown Rochester, NY. We carried images of some of the kinds of animals used in the military: dogs, goats, seals, dolphins,…

Pig Roast Demonstration

August 24th: Batavia NY, Noon – ? 1st Presbyterian Church of Batavia, 300 East Main Street, Batavia NY (corner of Libery/Summit St) Demo to protest the pig roast, leaflet educational material, and share vegan options. For more info, please see…