Vegan Bus PSA!

The Rochester Area Vegan Society has been granted approval by the Regional Transit System (RTS) for a bus poster campaign to run during the months of April and May.  RAVS will be allowed to make a public service announcement about the health benefits of a vegan diet, for only the cost of producing and mounting the posters; the rental cost of the space on the buses will be donated by RTS. The ad will be placed on the sides of fifteen buses for 8 weeks, running from April 2 to May 27.

Thanks to Beth for leading this project, to the RAVS board for supporting it, to RAVS members for funding the poster production, to RAVS and ARRoc Action members for brainstorming and honing the message, to Adam for creating the image, to PCRM for sharing the doctors photo, and to Dr. Joel Kahn for inspiring RAVS with a similar poster that ran in the Detroit area.