Important Animal Rights Discussion To Be Held In Buffalo

Wayne holds up his right hand making a “peace” sign, as he walks along with 600 animal advocates while they openly rescue dying chickens from factory farming conditions

Renowned animal rescuer Wayne Hsiung visits Buffalo, NY on Wednesday the 25th of January to urge New Yorkers to advocate for animals with a unified voice. Listen as audio update by Joe. As Co-Founder of Direct Action Everywhere and The Simple Heart,…

World News: Cambodia Blocks Export of Nonhuman Primates

Portrait: Long-Tailed Macaque posed behind steel bars.

Macaque (monkey) portrait computer-generated by Joe.

1 minute listen: Cambodia Blocks Export of Non-Human Primates

Good news!

Cambodia is halting the export of nonhuman primates (NHPs), according to animal rights groups Direct Action Everywhere and PETA. In the last year approximately 60% of the primates imported into the U.S. were from Cambodia.

We share in DXE’s hope that this will put some animal experimentation on pause.