Institute for Animal Happiness

Thank you to Rebecca Moore of the Institute for Animal Happiness, for being a part of our Anonymous for the Voiceless demonstrations.

She says,

“We create art and opportunities that encourage joy, learning, non-speciesist dialogue and positive action for animals that is grounded in a vegan, animal rights = human rights (Intersectional) philosophy. IFAH also creates empowering and fun message-wear that helps support our animal rescue, care & advocacy efforts – and has supported the efforts of many great organizations. We also make spontaneous gifts of our merch to hard working animal rights advocates in the trenches, because we’ve been there and know that a sign of support and a warm hat in winter can be meaningful when you are outside caring for animals or leaf-letting in the cold.”

Among many other things, they have recorded an awesome animal rights song, Animal Anthem, and we play it at our Cubes of Truth.  I have felt empowered many times standing in the Cube and knowing that creative people are working with us towards the same goals.

In addition to all this, Rebecca is donating merchandise to our VegFest SWAG bags and raffle.  Thank you!