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Protest / Leafletting at the Public Market

Note: The 10/22 protest has been postponed due to weather.  It will be 10/29 8-11am, same place, before the Ringling Circus Protest which is at Blue Cross Arena at 11:30am.  People will still be going to Hetties at noon 10/22.…

Recap: Stand Up for Farmed Animals

This was a beautiful event.  I count that 19 advocates came out to stand up for their friends on East Avenue.  The weather was lovely and peace was in the air.  Thank you to Mary and Martha for making signs…

Stand Up for Farmed Animals 10/2

Be an “upstander” with ARAUNY. Let’s stand up for our friends on Sunday, October 2nd, from 1:00 to 2:30 pm in front of the East Avenue Wegmans in Rochester. We will stand on the public sidewalk at the southwest corner…


ARAUNY has signed on as a Partner Organization of the Rochester People’s Climate Coalition, a rapidly growing coalition of organizations and businesses throughout the Rochester area, who share an interest in taking a stand against climate change. As you’re probably…

Book Club 3/22: Living Among Meat Eaters

Our next ARAUNY Book Club meeting will be Tuesday, March 22nd from 6:30-8 pm in Brighton. Please RSVP via our Contact Us page for  the exact location. We will be reading Living Among Meat Eaters by Carol J. Adams. I…

Tunnel Vision

by Linda Brink

An activist friend recently put a question out there, which is this: what inspired so many people to become outraged over Cecil the lion’s death, when daily, countless other innocents are routinely abused and destroyed without causing anywhere near the same reactive ire?

Earth Companions

by Linda DeStefano

It’s time to expand respect for animals.

Koko, the gorilla, communicates with people through American Sign Language and her understanding of a large vocabulary of spoken English. She is gentle with her kitten, and hugs people she likes.

Although he can escape from the killer harpoons, a whale returns to his wounded mate and stays with her until he, too, is killed by the whalers.

Faux animal products and veganism

 By John Carbonaro [The opinions expressed in these essays do not necessarily reflect the position of ARAUNY.] It seems that a plant-based diet is more popular than ever if the growth of the non-animal products industry is any indication. It…